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Romi Naparstek is passionate about helping others discover the joy of homemade pastries. As the founder of La Romi Bakery, a baking school in Miami, she brings decades of experience as an educator to create cooking classes to help her students foster creativity, independence and confidence in the kitchen.

Growing up in Argentina, the kitchen was a place where Romi celebrated special occasions with family and friends. After moving to Miami and earning her degree in early childhood education from Florida International University, Romi would often bring her baking skills into her classroom and enjoyed watching her students excitement over their creations.

Romi also integrated baking through her work with the Jewish community where she helped bring religious education and activities to children and teenagers. In 2012 she joined the team of Hillel Florida International University, a Jewish nonprofit that provides leadership and mentorship opportunities to Jewish students. Baking became a way to help connect students to their faith and build relationships with their peers.

With a desire to expand her baking skills and knowledge, Romi attended the Argentine Institute of Gastronomy in Buenos Aires in 2015 where she mastered techniques to become a professional baker. That same year, she opened La Romi Bakery. By merging her passion for education and baking she creates fun and interactive experiences such six-week baking programs as well as classes on latin pastries and traditional pastries for all levels. La Romi Bakery also provides private classes and has partnered with organizations such as the Wolfsonian Museum of Florida International University and the Jewish Museum of Florida. Since opening in 2015 La Romi Bakery has been featured by The Wynwood Times, Voyage Mia, and Prism Creative Group.

Romi believes the kitchen is like a playground–––a place to experiment, learn and have fun. She invites anyone to wants to experience the joys of baking to get messy in her kitchen.

I would love to hear from you about why is it that you like to cook? What would you like to learn? Favorite recipe? Is there a class you would like to take? Shoot me an email: info@laromibakery.com  

Hugs from my messy kitchen,

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