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I grew up eating Panettone at home. Mom is a serious eater, she totally loves it. I learned to enjoyed it, then liking it, and now the number one fan. I have tried every single Panettone box out in the market. I have to confess that before becoming a serious baker it had never crossed […]

Creme Brulee

Did you wake up ready to cook for your Christmas Dinner? Want a recipe to make you look like a star, but the process is easy and simple. This créme brûlée recipe has a delicious taste. It’s a vanilla custard, and the crunchy caramelized sugar on top adds flavor and texture.  If made with vanilla extract […]

Ricotta Squares

 Long before I baked for a living I was making these ricotta squares. It all started because we love ricotta raviolis. There were times when we had way too much ricotta left. I love spreading ricotta on my toast, my mom would talk about this cheesecake she would make in Argentina that is NOT like […]

Marble Loaf

Recipe Makes: 2 LoafPrep Time: 15 MinsCook Time: 40 Mins Ingredients: 250 g Butter 250 g Powder sugar 50 g Glucose 165 g Eggs 150 ml Milk 350 g All-purpose flour 20 g Baking Powder 70 g Semi- sweet chocolate 1 u Orange Juice 1 u Finely grated orange peel Instructions: Preheat the oven to […]

Carrot Cake

I have never ever tried or even heard of the Carrot Cake until I moved to the US. I have to confess that it took me several years to take the courage to try the carrot cake. I don’t remember when it was or with you. I have a blurry memory that it was in […]

Rosemary Buns

Are you thinking about the menu for the upcoming BBQ? Here is a recipe for you: rosemary buns, perfect to set on an appetizer tray with cheese & dips; or to make buns for sandwiches. You can replace the rosemary with any other herbs such as basil or oregano. You can also, make them in sun-dried […]