Nutella Pies

I decided to decorate it with  Callebaut salted caramel Pearls

I decided to decorate it with Callebaut salted caramel Pearls

I am not a Nutella fan. I repeat, I am NOT  a Nutella fan! I do not like Nutella. However, due to popular demand I had to make some baking goods with it. I think more than Nutella I am not a fan of Hazelnuts. 

But I do have to confess, that these pies do not have a strong hazelnut flavor. It is a gentle. There is a two part to this recipe. The Nutella ganache and the chocolate Sablee. 

In this blog post you will find the Nutella ganache, and if you click here you will find the recipe for the chocolate sablee. You could use the regular sablee dough, from here.

Nutella Ganache LaRomiBakery

Nutella Ganache


Makes: 9-inch pie, or 20 mini pies         Prep time:         Cook time:

  • 500 gr Chocolate sablee Dough
  • 300 gr Chocolate
  • 150 gr Nutella
  • 335 gr Heavy Cream
  • 30 gr Glucose

    1. Pre-heat the oven to 330F. Cook the sablee dough and let it cool down. Melt the chocolate and nutella, make sure it is not melted all the way thru.
    2. On a medium pot, combine the heavy cream with the glucose. Warm it up and pour over the chocolate and make emulsion. Once cool down, refrigerate. To use, warm up in the microwave and pour over desire tart.

    ** TIP: **TIP: It could be decorated with seasonal fruits, whipped cream or meringue. Could be storage for up to 3 weeks.